Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Moment

In past blog postings i have written about the importance of understanding the moment we are currently in. A period whereby the relationship between labor and technology has fundamentally changed such that people are being permanently pushed out of the workforce. And knowing this - knowing that people have been and continue to be permanently pushed out of work - clarifies other changes taking place in society. The closing of schools and hospitals; the reduction or elimination of public services; throwing people out of their homes, off welfare, and on the street...all of these are connected with the permanent displacement of workers.

Finally, this new relationship between labor and technology means that the conditions are now ripe for fundamental societal change. When people are working, when their needs are being met, they are not motivated to struggle for change because they are benefitting in one way or another from existing arrangements and structures. So knowing the moment we are in can bring clarity on what we ought to do to solve/resolve the problems associated with permanent displacement.

Clearly a lot more can and should be written about it; i am only scratching the surface.

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