Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Personal thought on love...

I recently saw written, 
Fall in love again and again and again. Never say no to love. what you focus on you become. Be love. 
A statement that deeply resonates, but gives me pause. Is the love referred to in "fall in love" and "be love" the same? Different? Does it matter? Falling in love with whom? With what? Being love toward what end? 

That i have these questions...that i am intellectualizing the quote (and the sentiments it represents), rather than appreciating it for what it says perhaps speaks to an unwillingness or inability to embrace love fully.

Or maybe i don't understand this love concept in the ways it is used here: as a cycle, as a state of being, as a process of becoming, as a feeling.  Or perhaps my treating it as a concept is problematic. Ought love be something lived and felt, rather than conceptualized and defined? 

And yet at the gross level, how does one embrace love, be love, fall in love and maintain a sense of composure in the world? How does one who lives with the heart open to love deal with cravings that arise? Cravings that, in the Buddhist sense, lead to unhappiness? 

Questions...the answers to these and more lay within our hearts, if we only listen. And though i haven't given myself space to seek all the answers, i know that i'd rather cultivate love, live love, be love, experience and share love over not doing so. This is why i chose my name. It means love. 

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