Monday, March 21, 2011

Moving Beyond Survival

What would a world that valued all life
look like?
There is no question that African women are resilient, strong, and have walked through the fire. We have birthed and rebirthed generation after generation of people, ideas, practices, habits, and so on. We have endured displacement, abuse, death, life and love in its many forms.

As hindsight is 20-20, we can say that survival is not enough to fundamentally change what is needed to bring a new world into being.  A world in which the lives of each person, each woman/man/child are valued in prinicple and practice.  While survival has permitted us to reproduce our population, it has not helped us to change the conditions of our existence such that we have charge of our lives, communities, societies, and nations. 

One of the first steps to moving behond survival, i think, is to begin to shift how each of us treats ourselves, how we deal with others, how we live in our own lives.  Yet at the same time, it is important to learn about the world around us, understand what is happening presently and within its historical context.  By historical context i mean learn how the present came to be. Study how others in the past dealt with the challenges they faced. Consider the mistakes made and why. Reflect upon the lessons. Work with others to figure these things out. Build relationships with like-minded/like-hearted people moving in the same direction as you. Collectively pose strategies to solve the challenges faced by our people in this moment in history. Stepping outside a reformist mind-set, consider the many and varied creative solutions that can be developed an designed to midwife a new world into being. Consider...

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