Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purpose Lends Wings to the Traveller

Purpose lends wings to the traveler.  It offers guidance as one makes her journey through life.

When someone moves through life with a purpose, her time becomes all the more important and valuable; that is, how she spends her time and with whom she chooses to spend it.  Casual evenings out on the town do not sufficiently feed her soul.  Attending dinner parties over the houses of various acquaintances no longer has the meaning that it once had as purpose increasingly organizes her life.

Creating one's purpose in life, defining it, has meaning to those whose hearts call them to do more than simply fall into existing pathways carved by others.  In reality, most people simply fall in line, organizing themselves around whatever systems, processes and institutions have already been worked out.  This often leads most to move through life uncritically or at best, criticizing and not doing anything about it.  The implications of walking within existing pathways carved by others is understandable because it is the easy way to live. 

There are those who will define their purpose according to the existing pathways.  That is, one may define her purpose in life to be a very good muslim or christian.  One may choose as his purpose to become president of a nation, hospital or bank.  Even the most well intentioned African people work against ourselves when we devote our lives and commit the lives of our family to supporting existing arrangements; particularly arrangements that continue to benefit from harming us or inhibiting our development.

The solution? Get to know the great work that has been done in history - the foundations laid by Ancient Egyptians, for example, in the areas of science, engineering, language, economics, politics, medicine, etc.  In addition, identify and learn from mistakes and lessons throughout the course of African people's movement throughout the world - forced and chosen.  Learn about the things taking place around you...the what's, why's, how's, and who's.  Then take the time to search your heart and soul to explore and define your purpose. Chart a path towards its fulfillment with the structure necessary for focus, but the flexibility for change.

Evaluate yourself along the way and learn from the mistakes and lessons...

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