Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"The word discipline means to learn. A disciple is one who learns, not who conforms, not who obeys; he is one who is constantly learning.  And when learning ceases and becomes merely accumulation of knowledge then disorder begins. When we stop learning in our relationship, whether we are studying, playing or whatever we are doing, and merely act from the knowledge that we have accumulated, then disorder comes." Krishnamurti

In a period that favors immediate gratification, quick results and just-in-time living, many young people are growing up without the intellectual and practical skills to design and create; to identify and solve problems; and to summarize practice into theories; to transform ideas into reality.  And when  adults do not consider discipline to be important, youth are not helped to understand its value.

Discipline is good.  Discipline provides the conditions in which people may grow, develop skills, deepen their understanding about things, master tasks, etc.  It is what a person does on a daily basis toward fulfillment of one's purpose and/or goals. Discipline involves the time allocated to completion of the intellectual, moral and/or physical tasks that lead toward one's purpose.  It can be challenging at times, particularly when there are distractions. Sometimes a person may want to do something else. However it through discipline that learning continues as a never ending process. 

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