Friday, September 16, 2011

We Must Fight for Ourselves

Much of the language in social movement and progressive organizations is reformist in nature. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it is the reality. Perhaps it reflects the reality that movement building organizations rely on external funding. Perhaps it reflects a fear that many have to oppose the formidable and well-funded corporate interests. Perhaps it is a necessary stage in the process of change. We have to start from somewhere, right?

Though language and current actions may be reformist...the ultimate aim must go further. And going further requires study of history - what has worked in the past, what has not worked in the past, and why. In addition, it requires an understanding of societies, particularly
  1. The fundamental relationship between people and technology
  2. The systems that evolve to organize what is produced by people who use the technology, how it is distributed, exchanged (bought and sold) and consumed
  3. The social relations that evolve to reflect the relationship between labor and technology.  Depending on the social system (i.e., feudalism, capitalism/socialism, etc.), the institutions vary, as does the people who benefit or are harmed by them. Examples of institutions that embody social relations of society include health care, criminal justice system, recreation, education system, and so on. 
There are more, but i am rushing to pull this together (been too long since my last post). 

So in addition to the study of history and understanding the anatomy of societies, we also need a vision of what should be (which is often opposite to what is). And finally a plan to get there. 

On the run but hope to explain later (and more clearly what i mean by we must fight for ourselves). 

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