Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Been Quiet...

I have been quiet. And studying the situation as it has been evolving around the United States. The permanent technological displacement of workers - this process has been impacting more and more people...increasingly those from middle class backgrounds; those who have been college educated; who know not economic struggle in the way that blacks/other people of color and working/poor folks know all too well. 

Misery is spreading rapidly...not that this moment isn't exciting, don't get me wrong...imagine the change that can come from a politicized progressive group of millions, intent on fundamental change.  But it's tough when right now, in this moment, you don't know when your next meal will come from. And you know that you worked hard in life and are a decent person, yet under capitalism what defines your/our worth is money and wealth...and we have neither. 

But now isn't the moment to do nothing. Temporarily, forge and/or strengthen bonds with friends and relatives so that meeting needs can be a shared, communal process.  Challenge and disregard the individualist habits that are a part of who we have become in this country. Work with others to live. And then to study what is going on now and how these terrible conditions came to be. Then learn what others have done in the past to solve similar problems. 

The time isn't to do nothing as one sister wrote recently in an email response to her non-participation in occupy detroit.  (Not that participating in occupy detroit is the answer to the problems we face as a people). But we all should do something. What is that something that you will do?

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