Monday, October 22, 2012

Lessons from Fall

Nature has a way of renewing itself  periodically. Her children move through their processes of birth, growth, decay and rebirth at different moments, in response to their own internal clocks. Here in Michigan, the trees are releasing their leaves in preparation for a period of rest.  As this happens around me I am reminded once again about the ways people move through cycles and on a personal level, how I experience them.  When I appreciate reality for what it is and understand that some things happen over which I have no control; that sometimes I go through periods of feeling really great about what I am doing and other times I question everything; that sometimes I feel supremely confident and other times I feel vulnerable - when I understand that I am a human being just trying to do the right thing, then encountering these cycles becomes less of a struggle and more of an opportunity to listen, reflect, and grow.   So as nature does what she does, I will continue to listen and learn. 

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