Saturday, February 9, 2013

journey into uncharted territory

a journey into uncharted territory can be frightening. it can give pause on the path of one's journey. the tendency is to react to it in some way. but sometimes, the only necessary thing is to sit with it; to feel fully what is there, without judgment, without intellectualizing, without calling it this or that. 

quieting oneself while in uncharted territory can and often does lead to feelings of discomfort. at times, overwhelming emotions arise. the body wants to respond. the mind wants resolution; it wants to organize and make sense of what is going on. but it could be that the heart simply wants to wants to be fully present in this moment, for however long or short. it could be that the heart treasures this rare moment to feel deeply, to connect with the parts it hasn't known in a long time. or hasn't known at all. and this is ok. 

sometimes it is ok to not have answers. it is ok to not have the language to articulate this uncharted territory. in fact, the words, concepts, phrases that might be used are indeed limiting and can't begin to describe that which is arising within one's heart and soul. it is in these spaces that we discover ourselves anew. we learn that life does exist beneath the surface.  and that life is ready to burst out of the containers into which it has been placed for the sake of getting by in this world. 

how beautiful this journey. how refreshing. how lovely.


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