Sunday, June 23, 2013


Fasting is like hitting the reset button. It can be a purifying process - emotionally, physically, spiritually - if done with care, preparation and intentionality. 

For several years, parts of me have wanted to permit the release and rebuilding that fasting facilitates. But the time had never been quite right. Doing so would have meant that i was ready to let go of things tightly and safely held in by joints, the safe parts of the soul, untouched corners of my mind. But i wasn't ready. And each attempt ended almost as soon as it started. It hasn't always been that way. 
But the point in this post is to note that one can know when change is needed by hearing the unified voice of the heart, soul and mind. Fasting can serve as a midwife of change by sweeping away stuff that is not needed, creating the opportunity for new to enter and providing space for one to go within to define the nature and direction of change.  Additionally, in the midst of all that is happening politically, socially, economically, being grounded and having clarity of thought, heart and purpose is so important. 

Interesting time that this is coming up again - after having brought to a close several projects; after having traveled virtually nonstop for the past 6 months; after having struggled to overcome months of illness; after having started a new leadership role with tremendous responsibilities; after having done these and more. Now is the time to reset that button. To reassess why i do what i do. To challenge myself to move beyond levels of comfort. To stand more firmly in my life's work. 

Gratitude for those who've let me know directly and indirectly that it is time. 

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