Monday, July 27, 2015

Ready to write again

A few short weeks ago i had the opportunity to spend time with sisters, some whom i've known for almost 20 years and others who i only met, although their presence was intensely familiar. For the 3 days i was able to participate in the week long celebration of Denise's 40 years on this earth, we talked and laughed, shared and workshopped, exercised and yoga'd, ate and simply had a great time with one another.


There is nothing like being in a place where judgments are truly left at the door. Where showing up however i look, dress, feel is OK and i will be embraced and loved regardless. It is in these spaces that the deepest parts of the soul receive nourishment.  And where one is steeled, reinforced and prepared for the ongoing work that leads us along the paths toward fulfillment of our destinies.

That experience - those experiences - followed by time spent with one of my Mothers, my Mom, niece and nephew, as well as valuable time spent alone in meditation and reflection in the quiet of my home inspired me to begin writing in this venue again.

A lot has transpired in the almost 2 years that this blog has sat in dormancy. My hope in this moment is that the blog will hold space for the articulation of meaningful thoughts, insights, analyses and reflections on a variety of topics from a philosophical and spiritual orientation.

Until next time.

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