Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Anonymous Ones

Many are silenced when they dare to speak out against brutal mistreatment at the hands of representatives of the ruling group. (By ruling group we mean the ruling race, class, gender, culture/ethnicity, and generation.) History is littered with examples of harassment, attempts to destroy people's character, assassinations, cover ups, and other efforts to silence the voice of the mistreated, the maligned, the exploited, the brutalized.  The middle class' complicity is bought off with jobs, mortgage approvals, investment opportunities, health care benefits, and other perks of the so-called American dream. 

In a period of economic crisis, the perks once showered on an element of the population dry up. In such a moment, increased militarization is used to strike fear in the hearts of the masses and when they dare to speak out against their worsening conditions and treatment, they are shot down.  Some have said that the universe bends toward justice...but only with the help of people consciously doing the bending. 

Much is unknown about this group that calls itself Anonymous...and that is ok. Their existence has meaning.  Their strategy and tactics are useful. If their work continues on the side of the exploited, the mistreated, and the silenced ones, they will go down in history as having inspired present and future generations to intelligently pursue fundamental change.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On Awakening

There are some powerful lessons in this presentation:

There is a place for sleep.  Sleep offers the body opportunity to rest, recuperate, and heal. However at a certain point, the time comes when one must awaken. For various reasons, many people find comfort in sleep and seek to remain there through various forms of self-medicating actions.  Methods of self-medication include religion, alcohol, drugs, hypersexuality, and other actions done in excess.  The impact of these anesthetizing activities leave people feeling empty and worthless if they are not doing them.