Monday, December 10, 2012

Trailblazing Takes Courage

"… [R]emain true to your truth, voice and passion in all that you do… [W]hat’s the cost for those who remain silent, who choose respectability and fear over critical movement against the status quo? I’ve never been one to feed the status quo, nor do I plan to ever be.

"For me, feminism is a way of life, a way of living, and a form of survival–not my hustle. A huge part of my feminist politics is speaking my truth the way I want to speak it. No one gets to dictate that for me. To be sure, I’m charting my own course. And, I truly believe that the universe will make room for it. In some small ways it already has. To be sure, trailblazing takes courage, uncomfortability, and innovation. My unapologetic quest toward truth and truth speaking demand all of the above and then some…"    

— Tamura A. Lomax, co-founder of The Feminist Wire (c/o, 12/8/12)

Blogging for Human Rights: Morning reflections

One meaning of
Khepr is change
When i think about human rights, i feel rage.  Rage for the millions of women, men and children who have been and continue to be harmed by a race/class/gender/culture/ethnicity that hides behind policies, practices and illusions of democracy. A group that creates opportunities for members of its own group, while denying opportunities for others.  A group that values the lives of its own children, while devaluing the lives of all others.  A group that maintains and benefits from an economic system that values life according to its profitability. A group that includes whites and people of all races/ethnicities who on the basis of race, culture and ethnicity cause harm to others, directly and indirectly. A group that includes men who use their gender as a basis for causing harm, instilling fear and asserting power. A group that includes the ruling class that exploits others for its economic benefit.