Monday, November 26, 2012

Hair as Identity

Locks cascading
off the nape of her neck
gently along the curve
of her lower back

The language they spoke to her was of a gentle nature. Capturing energies and gently whispering their intention to her soul. She valued their presence, these locks, the wisdom they shared and the protection they offered. They connected her with the Wise Ones. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Writing Maat

Writing is a labor of love.  In fact, anything that one sees through from beginning to end, exhaustively checking and re-checking, making adjustments and tweaks, asking for new sets of eyes and opinions - arguably is a labor of love. But it is not just about the method of writing that drives the process forward. It is the art of writing. It is the passion and commitment to lend voice to an experience, a life, a series of events, an issue.  It is the skillful/raw/real/imagined/mysterious/concrete development of a story that needs/wants/craves to be told in a way that informs and engages the reader.  And searching for that best voice to articulate the story - selecting and organizing the words so that the voice may be heard, felt, tasted, seen - is part of that artistic experience. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lesson from Just Sit There

Don't let your circumstances or habits rule your choices today. Dignity is more important than wealth. -- Just Sit There (@justsitthere)

Thoughts about the movie Flight

I took a moment to see the highly anticipated movie, Flight, on opening night. It was nothing i thought it would be. Previews made it appear to be a movie about heroism and bravery. And in a way it was that...but of a different type. Instead of the heroism that gets publicly celebrated in the media, creating a larger than life caricature of a person who put her/himself in harm's way to save lives, what i saw in this movie was that to a small degree, but mainly a deeply wounded person struggling with addictions, lying to himself and others, causing emotional harm to those who came near to him....but one who in the end made the decision to come clean, face consequences and develop within himself a sense of integrity.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lesson From An Unsuspecting Place

when we follow our hearts, 
when we choose not to settle
its funny...isn't it?
a weight lifts
the sun shines a little brighter
and for a brief moment at least
we find a little peace
(Greys Anatomy, 2012)